Statutory Liquidity Ratio - (SLR)

Every bank has to maintain a certain % of their total deposits in the form of (Gold + Cash + bonds + Securities) with themselves at the end of every business days. 

Current Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) for commercial bank, development bank and finance company should be maintained at 10%, 8% and 7%respectively which was 12%, 9% and 8% respectively earlier [Note: As per Monetary Policy FY 2075/76]

Cash Reserves Ratio (CRR)

CRR is a specified minimum fraction of the total deposits of customers, which commercial banks have to hold as reserves either in cash or as deposits with the central bank. CRR is set according to the guidelines of the central bank of a country.

CRR is held inside the central bank's vault to ensure that your own bank doesn't run out of money.

It is also key monetary policy tool used to control the money supply in the economy.

What is Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) and Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) ?So, while your money is deposited in your bank. You can be reassured that the central bank is safeguarding and regulating it with sound policies.

The amount kept as CRR with central bank doesn't earn any kind of interest to the bank. It means amount set aside for CRR earn zero interest for banks.

NRB calculates CRR of banks and financial institutions on the basis of average weekly reserve of deposit.

CRR for commercial bank, development bank and finance company will be maintained at 4% which  was 6%, 5%and 4% for Commercial Bank, development bank and finance company respectively in FY 2074/75. [Note: As per Monetary Policy FY 2075/76]